Mac Allister, people love to be passive, they love.

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Around the year 2020, Brighton, in the era still in the hands of Graham Potter, began to have a form of playing against lower teams, but it has not yet caught the eye of the football world. I confess

that At that time, we only knew familiar faces like Adam Lallana, Ben White, Neil Maupay, Eve Bissouma, Leandro Trossa, Trick Lamptey or veteran Dan. This is Welbeck,

but what’s really interesting is that I noticed one player to the point of exclaiming in his mind “Eh”, why doesn’t his style of play look like Scottish players?

Yes, with the name “Mac”, the first instinct is inevitable in this life,

while the “Seagull” is kicking (but can’t remember the opponent), I quickly google to find out more history and, of course, service life.

Very interested and wanting!!

Yes, he is Alexis Mac Allister who is now Liverpool’s new red card.

Carlos father was a professional footballer for Boca Juniors era. Late 80’s early 90’s and even once stood in the grass with Diego Maradona.

Carlos’ 3 sons are all professional footballers too.

Going back to doubts about Mack’s connection to Irish ancestry, with previous ancestors likely having Scottish roots, Brighton originally grabbed it

. Mac Allister arrive from Argentinos Jr. in January 2019 with a “loan back” option to the agency until the end of the season, long before the AMA debuted for “The Seagull”

. Until March 2020, being sent onto the field in the 80th minute before drawing 0-0 with Wolff