Goodbye to you, Leicester City Goodbye to you, at UDD.

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The curtain has already been drawn for the 2022-23 Premier League season. On last math day, all eyes were on Goodison Park and the King Power Stadium Leicester City

. The end of this season is worse than every year from the fact that we have won the league championship, European Cup quota since before kick off

. Seeing Leicester City return to the new number one at the Championship,

the reason for this is purely political. สมัคร ufabet

Ducoure’s 57th minute goal, besides being extremely beautiful, was also the one that sent the “Foxes” relegated and made A. Everton Survive the Red Drug Line

Without this child, I can’t imagine how the home team would find a way to score goals. Because it must not be forgotten that the “Everton” have had goalscoring problems throughout the season.

There was a problem to the extent that in the first half the players tried to find a “natural” way in case the fluke suddenly heard the referee’s whistle

. in front of the penalty area Ran to interrupt his legs. Ran into him and put the action down but couldn’t take both strokes.

Yerry Mina took the opportunity to pull and pull in the penalty area. (Finally got up and shy. The wild referee ended the first half just in time)