1 more to go 3 champions waiting

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One more After the game we saw a thumbs-up of some of the Manchester City players and staff celebrating as they celebrated winning the FA Cup

. The Citizens” wanted to happen in Pep Guardiola’s heyday, champions waiting

namely the FA Cup, was a massive injection of motivation and momentum that made it now the only solution in Istanbul, no other way. Got it again

. “Sailboat” announced loudly to the world with the world’s oldest double champions, 152 years, with another 12-second fastest goal of another, thanks to a Jack Grealish penalty

. Handball brought United back into the game and not a one-sided streak like before, with Erik ten Hag’s youngsters seemingly frightened by a quick goal that caught them off guard.

Both of City’s goals came from the best of class underrated Gundogan. In addition to being beautiful and beautiful, pushing the right timing both the first half and the second half is the perfect timing.

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? Again, stopping or overthrowing City at this time must only be something really special.

You look at players like John Stones from the old centre-back at Everton and look like they’re only coming to the Etihad to pay their bills, but Pep’s genius with a formation blueprint has been adapt to create different plans

. Create two monsters one by one.

Calmly flipping the ball in his own penalty area in spite of the United players ready to snatch it, it’s an “improvement” shot that will wow anyone who sees it.